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  • All client comments/results are after only 1 session unless otherwise noted.
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Male - 45

"I have absolutely no desire to drink any alcohol anymore. The results of hypnotherapy are more than fantastic."

Prior average daily alcohol intake was either 2 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of vodka, or 12 bottles of beer. This client works as a dealer in a casino where alcohol is continually present on a daily basis.

AD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder)

Male - 56

"COMPLETE VICTORY, better than I ever thought. I am more alert and awake. I have a different life now. I am full of concentration, completely alert without medication."

"Anxiety"/Fear of Enclosed Spaces/Self Confidence

Male - 4 sessions

Dear Bill, I wanted to thank you for all of your help. I can say that I have never felt healthier emotionally in my entire life. And while there have been a number of factors contributing to that, like hard work and Anthony Robbins, your expertise has played a significant role. My ability to be receptive to love, my patience with others, my self-esteem are all healthy - indeed I see myself as a patient person, as a person with a great self-image, as a person who is loved and is loved easily. I had a birthday on Tuesday and there were nearly 30 of my closest friends crowded into a restaurant, which would not be possible without my valuations of self and others that you helped bring about.


Male - 14

"This is the first time in 5 yrs. that my son didn't vomit, due to extreme anxiety, before starting a new school year. Thank you!"

Female - 37

Dear Dr. Mulhausen, It's been roughly 6 weeks since my visit to you and I'm delighted and grateful to report a significantly improved sense of well-being. I've used "self-hypnosis" as an anxiety reduction method that has proven particularly helpful at times when headache and migraine pain were intense and surprisingly, at first, I found that the severity and intensity were reduced. I'm no longer surprised and use the technique regularly (as in daily and sometimes more often) to control tension (also a source of headache) and anxiety. I believe that I'm experiencing arrhythmic events less often as well. I plan to continue to use and explore hypnosis as a tool. Thank you very much for your help.

Claustrophobia - MRI

Female - 52

"I made it through the MRI. It was a long time. I had a biopsy and received the results today, a good bill of health!"


Female - 42

I am so grateful that I have you on my "team". I feel fabulous. Everyone's astounded at my quick recovery from surgery. I just smile and tell them it's love, positivity, a higher power, and hypnotherapy! With great appreciation.

Dental Anxiety

Male - 10 (mother's comments)

"Dentist and assistant were amazed. He was MUCH better, calm, only gagged twice. He couldn't believe how quickly the appointment went himself. I could see him relax every time he used his cue." 6 months later "He continues to improve at the dentist. Every positive experience helps him along. He is pleased, too, with how well he is doing." (Before hypnosis, client went through 5 different dentists; current dentist can't believe this is the same child)

"Depression" ("Blues"/Sadness)

Female - 36

"Thank you for giving me my life back."

Dipping, Chewing Tobacco

Male - 38

"It has been 1 year and 21 days since I quit dipping." Male 36 "Doing fine, no chew, no cravings! I feel good!"

E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction)

"Doc, things are going well. Wife is happy!"

Fear of Driving

Female - 45

"I am now able to drive to and from work, etc. without problems."

General Healing

Female - 63

"The blues have vanished and my fear of the doctor has lessened greatly."

Female - 20

Today, I drove for the first time since meeting with you. I felt calm and in control the entire time. I never thought that would be possible. Thank you for all your help!


Male - 21

"Thanks for helping me to be a better golfer, a better person, and to be mentally stronger than my opponents."

Grief Counseling

Female - 65

"I'm becoming me again! I can hug again without guilt. I am feeling better about myself and my friends have noticed a big difference."


Female - 30

"Overall I feel I have been doing well and I feel I am making great progress."


Female -15
My daughter has made tremendous improvement in her skills since she saw you for clinical hypnosis!

Headaches (Migraines)

Female - 16

"Since my visit with you 2 weeks ago I have had only 2 headaches. I used to have 1-2 a day!" (After 1 month, the mother reported that headaches were no longer a problem in her daughter's life).

Female - 63

"Hooray! Hooray! It is still working and this technique also helps other stress management techniques."


Sill sleeping much better. Also started taking melatonin and got a new CPAP machine. Thanks so much for your help and guidance.

Male - 15

Since I saw you the ability to sleep well has improved. My overall sleep seems to be consistently deeper and ultimately better.

Marriage Counseling

What a pleasure to meet you. You are an exceptionally talented counselor. I am so grateful we came to you for our marriage counseling. We are looking forward to our next session. Thank you.


Female - 47

"I am using PSR, paying attention to details; sorting information properly; recalling information correctly."

Nightmares (Identical Over 10 Yr. Span)

Female - 77

"I have not had one bad dream since I saw you. I no longer have to fear jumping out of bed and injuring myself as was previously the case." (Client was finally able to return to her own bed and house instead of living with her daughter and her watchful care.)

Positive Attitude

Male - 52

"I feel happy, relieved and sleeping better."


Female – 53
Thanks to the pre-surgery hypnosis session my cancer surgery went well, the margins are clear, very little pain, and I am healing nicely – good job!


Thanks for giving me the motivation to pack up my professional library where it will be valued and used in the future (This client passed away shortly after donating her professional books and papers).


Male - 37

"I used to be reticent but my boss says I am a different guy and apply for new positions that I would not have done before. I am glad other people can see my improvement and I endorse you 100%."


Female - 42

"Just wanted to let you know the divorce is final, I have a boyfriend, and life is getting better all the time.


Just a short note to say thank you for helping me to enter the New Year 'smoke free'.

I cannot really express exactly how I feel about quitting smoking. The change is complete and total; I am a permanent non-smoker. I never realized before exactly what it was that I was doing to myself and to those around me. When I came to you I know that I did want to stop smoking, I knew that it was best for myself and those around me, I never realized how offensive it was to those who did not smoke! Perhaps the biggest single change has been in the return of my sense of smell and the ability to notice how foul the odor is. I can smell a smoker outside in a parking lot before anyone else, and I realize that that is how I used to smell.

I cannot say it is easy to quit, you really have to want to, but I can say that it is not anywhere as hard as I led myself to think before I actually quit. If you are positive in your desire to stop and hold that thought and use the affirmations, my favorite is #1 "I am a permanent non-smoker", then it isn't all that hard. At least for me it wasn't.

Again, I want to say thank you for helping me to help myself. Of all the things I have done this year, stopping smoking has given me the most satisfaction and provided best for my family. We all truly appreciate your helping me to help myself.

Male - 42

"I want to say THANK YOU for helping me to help myself. Of all the things I have done this year, stopping smoking has given me the most satisfaction and provided best for my family. We all truly appreciate your helping me to help myself."

Female - 44

"One year ago I put this card away. Today when I retrieved it I cried. I did not foresee that I would ever be able to write, I am still a non-smoker. But I am!!!"

Male - 40

"I still can't believe it coming up to my 6 mos. anniversary smoke free. It is a whole new beginning in my life, I feel clean and my lungs are clean. Thank you so much."

Female - 41

"Great Day! Little to no cravings at all. Not overeating!"

Female - 33

"On my 1 year anniversary I am a non-smoker! Haven't touched one cigarette since we met."

Male - 62

"6 months out and so far no desire to smoke Doctor's tests have improved unbelievably. Nearing 1 year and I am still OK!"


"6 months have passed, and many stressful events and I am happy to report that I am still smoke free."

Female - 55

"Cigarette smoking stinks. I had to wash all my sweaters and jackets."

Female - 52

"I am doing great, real busy!"

Female - 65

"It has been 12 weeks since I stopped smoking."

Female - 49

Using clinical hypnosis to stop smoking is the best thing I've ever done in my life! (Non-smoker now for over 12 years).

3 weeks of success!! I amazed and my family is overjoyed!! Can't thank you enough for all your expertise and advice.

Social Anxiety

Male - 33

"I passed my practical!"

Male - 65

"Everything is going well. Thank you for introducing me to hypnotherapy."

Sports (Golf, Multiple Sessions)

Male - 19

"Shot a 65 - my personal best. I scored in the top 10% in a tournament of 110 golfers."


Male - 52

"I can see the light! Thanks to your help I am doing much better. Headaches have all but disappeared and sleep anxiety is getting better every day. I am using self-relaxation and it works!"

Study Skills

Male - 19 (college student)

"Instead of D's and F's and flunking out" I am now getting grades of A's and B's." (Client said "If I can improve this much with just one session, I wonder what 2 sessions would do?" Client did come in for a second session and his grades improved even more).


Male - 52

"Oh my God! I can't believe I'm not stuttering anymore. (This client had been a severe stutterer for 35 yrs. It took nearly 5 minutes for him to give me his phone number. He endured many years of teasing, embarrassment and humiliation)."

Test Anxiety

Male - 45

"Passed the test with no problems! My ability to control breathing and emotions was obviously the key."

Male - 36

"I just finished my oral exam. I wasn't nervous and my voice was good and confident."

Male - 36

"During the exam I felt confident and really relaxed."

Male - 28

"I can't believe I passed the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam and am now a CPA! Thanks for your help in passing this exam!" (Client flunked the exam 7 times in a row before passing it with the help of clinical hypnosis).


Female - 15

Thank you for my recent hypnosis regarding my tumbling challenges. I had a successful cheer tryout and I was able to tumble on the gym floor without fear. Thank you again for helping me reach my goal.


Female - 47

"So far, so great! 7# in 1 week."

Female - 42

"I am eating smaller meals and have cut out snacking throughout the day. 2 weeks and 5 # gone."

Female - 34

"Still eating the right way at mealtime. I am choosing the "right foods". I work out as often as I can. Am down 23#."

Female - 47

"Success! Everything tastes better. Moving is easier."

Male - 56

"Cut soda consumption by one-half. Attitude still positive."

Female - 64

"Getting better every day -- no cravings. My focus is not on food as it used to be."

Female - 25

"I am doing great -- no longer addicted to sugar. I am eating healthier and exercising daily.